The origin

youROSES® is a guarantee of the best varieties of roses produced at altitudes between 2600 and 3200 mt, in the mountains of the central equatorial zone where UV light lasts 12 hours a day throughout the year, as well as climatic conditions and temperatures are ideal for production.


The roses of the YOUROSES brand take over 100 days to bloom and are completely different from any other product, that blooms at lower latitudes and take 30 days to bloom instead.

A slow-growing flower guarantees a much longer vase life. The same variety produced in different places generates different qualities, the production of each flower changes according to the country of origin. Our experts carefully analyse and select the varieties of the country where they have the best performance in terms of quality and uniqueness.

The selection also depends on specific characteristics. For example, if we want the colour of a specific variety of flower to be more or less intense, we will have it produced by evaluating mineral elements with detailed and accurate analysis.

When YOUROSES is ready to be cut, it does not go beyond 15 minutes of dehydration during the post-harvest phases. The product stays hydrated in water for 8 hours, water obtained from filtration processes that involve the removal of sand and other minerals aggregates.
Water filtering also includes a disinfection cycle for the prevention of funguses and bacteria.


Immediately after this step, the roses are selected individually and placed in a bunch of 25 stems, protected by a water-repellent cardboard.
The bunches, placed in refrigerating rooms at a controlled temperature of 2°, are stabilized in order to avoid the process of opening of the bud.

After approximately 8-10 hours of stabilization, YOUROSES is placed in the patented YR “comfort box”, ready to be shipped.

YOUROSES passes through channels of top priority in logistics operations: the transport includes a direct flight to Amsterdam where post-trip checks are provided in specific Quality Check Rooms.

Once verified, the product is directly shipped to our customers!


YOUROSES is entrusted to distributors throughout the European Union, who hold its exclusivity right and respect the quality standards of the brand management.

After several analyses, it has been shown that a standard rose stays at a distributor on average for 2 to 6 days. YouROSES products, on the other hand, are sold between 0 to 3 days from delivery.


This is why youROSES is the brand that represents the perfect combination between the best product on the market and the best producers on the planet.

Extraordinary quality that satisfies the most demanding public.